Historic Timeline for Traditional Catholics in the Archdiocese of Vancouver in the Province of British Columbia in Canada

1970 – 1979
1970’s: Fr. Normandin begins to say the traditional Mass exclusively. He is forced out of his diocese and travels in North America to offer the Mass.

14th May Fr. Normandin begins to say the traditional Mass exclusively;

Late 70’s possibly early 80’s travelling priests such as Fr. Normandin offers traditional Mass in Vancouver.

1980 – 1989:
Conservative priests in the Vancouver Archdiocese such as Fr. Neilson at St. Pius X Parish begins using some Latin in the Novus Ordo Masses.

In the mid 80s, he and three other priests left to form an Oratory in Ottawa;

Msgr. Newman at St. Michael Parish begins offering a Sunday Novus Ordo Latin Mass for our community.

1988: 2nd July: the motu proprio Ecclesiae Dei was proclaimed by Pope John Paul II on 2nd July 1988 and shortly thereafter we decided to form a society of traditional Catholics to obtain access to the traditional Latin Mass. Almost all of the individuals involved at this time were familiar with the Mass having attended it prior to 1962.

1989: A letter writing campaign was undertaken requesting access to the Mass;

23rd May: Abp. James F. Carney, sent us a letter informing us that he had completed arrangements with Reverend Joseph Favotto, pastor of Holy Spirit Parish in New Westminster to celebrate Mass according to the 1962 Missal;

4th June: the first Traditional Mass, authorised by Archbishop Carney, was held at Holy Spirit Parish;

13th July: VTMS formally receives incorporation documents incorporating it as a Charity under the laws of British Columbia.

1990 – 1999

1990: Since the original Una Voce Canada organization based in Ottawa was terminating, the VTMS made the decision to affiliate with Mr. Bob Opell President of the Traditional Mass Society, headquartered in San Juan Capistrano. A few years later this affiliation came to an end.

1995: Mr. Michael Davies president of Una Voce International (FIUV) visited us in Vancouver on many occasions and since Una Voce International (FIUV) had no representation in Canada Michael asked us to become a member of FIUV and represent Canada;

30th Sept: Summary of Activities 1989 to Sept. 1990

21st October: VTMS was accepted at the request and recommendation of Mr. Michael Davies, as a member of the Una Voce International, at the XII Statutory General Assembly held in Rome. This means that as of this date Canada was officially back in the Federation and the VTMS became their official representatives in Canada.


14th Oct.: Dr Borghild Krane RIP


 7th February: Archbishop Adam Exner, OMI visited and preached the sermon at Holy Spirit Church Abp. Adam Exner attends Holy Spirit;

28th March  Bishop Timlin bestowed upon Christopher Blust one of the Seminarians we support the orders of exorcist and acolyte;

June: Michael Davies president of FIUV keeps in touch and relates ‘An important statement. Cardinal Medina Estevez, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments’;

27th June: Fr. Richard Creurer, a seminarian born in Kelowna and practiced law in Vancouver will be ordained, in Ottawa, this month;

5th July: Father Philip Creurer  of FSSP, one of the Seminarians we supported, celebrated his first Mass at Holy Spirit and Bp. Monroe then Mgr. gave the sermon;

26th Sept.: VTMS 10th AGM, Fr. Horgan was our guest speaker;

18 – 29 October: Mr. David Reid represented the VTMS in Rome. This was a Padre Pio’s pilgrimage which permitted us to attend the Ecclesiae Dei celebrations:


4th April: Fr. Devillers of the FSSP celebrated the Easter Triduum. This was the first Triduum celebrated since the changes introduced in the 60s;

15th April: letter sent to Abp. Exner officially thanking him for making the Triduum possible

March: Urgent request sent out to the entire traditional community to begin a novena to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. If our requests to establish a Quasi Parish are granted we promise them to have a monthly Mass said, for their relief and release, for as long as we exist;

26th July: VTMS formally petitions Abp. Exner for establishment of Quasi Parish, Sacraments in traditional Rite, Priest from FSSP etc.

Sept.: VTMS website online at http://www.vancouvervtms.com and Michael Davies writes “I have just been examining your Website, one of the best that I have ever seen! It certainly ranks with Bill Basile’s.  In Domino, Michael”

9th October: Fr. Richard Trezza celebrated Mass and was the guest speaker at our X AGM;

October: Protocol 1411 VTMS becomes involved;

October: Archbishop Adam Exner was contacted as to the status of our requests and we were informed that they would be considered in Council in November;

1st November: Second petition letter is sent to Abp. Exner for Quasi Parish;

27th Nov.: First traditional Wedding (Jamie Mackey and Lindon Scott Pinkerton) in the Vancouver Archdiocese

7th December: Despite our information that the Council of Priests opposed the establishment of the Quasi Parish. Abp. Exner overruled the Council. He requested a meeting with the VTMS. We met with Abp. Exner and all our requests were granted;

2000 – 2009


Jan.: Michael Davies sends Congratulations on obtaining a quasi parish;

March: Preparation begins for quasi parish;

18th April: Fr. Devillers arrives in Vancouver to meet with Abp. Adam Exner and to again celebrates the Easter Triduum for our community;

17th July: VTMS hosts dinner dance, reports on the death of Fr. Gordon who said the traditional Mass in Vancouver in the 70s and submits 3 names to Abp. Adam Exner for quasi parish;

Aug.: VTMS News:

15th September: Fr. Ryan returned to Vancouver to begin his new assignment as Pastor for the Divine Mercy Quasi Parish and Chaplain for the Royal Columbian Hospital.He will be in residence at St. Michael’s parish.


7th January: Divine Mercy Quasi Parish legally established by Abp. Adam Exner;

12th Feb.: BC Catholic ‘Archdiocese Approves ‘Quasi-Parish’;

23rd to 27th Feb.:  Fr. Ryan & Fr. Carr celebrate Mass at Holy Family;

23rd June: VTMS News ‘2001 AGM‘;

9th Aug.: Fr. Christopher Blust celebrates his first mass in Vancouver;

12th Aug.: Traditional Latin Mass in Vancouver mentioned in Hong Kong;

13th Aug.: for the first time in the history of the Vancouver Traditional Mass Community, the Sacrament of Comfirmation was administered in the Traditional Rite;

23rd Sept.: It is the 16th Sunday after Pentecost and Fr. Ryan has been with our community for a year. Father for his sermon recaps the year in what he terms as a ‘State of the Union Address’;

26th Sept.: Fr. Ryan was invited, to offer the traditional Mass at St. Pius X in North Vancouver and give a talk on the Old Mass. The occasion was a complete success and brought back many happy memories to those of us who were parishioners when Fr. Neilson was there. Congratulations to Timothy and Peter, our Altar Servers, for a job well done.

13th Oct.: VTMS Attends Una Voce International XV Statutory General Assembly in Rome.

25th Dec.: Our Parish celebrated the first Mass Of Christmas at 19:30 on Christmas Eve as this was the only slot open for us. To our delight and surprise Fr. Ryan had arranged a Solemn High Mass with himself, Fr. Ashley and Joseph Orlowski as deacon.  We wish to thank Mark Donnelly and the Choir for doing a wonderful job.


20th July: This is the second time that Confirmation in the Traditional Rite has been held for members of the Divine Mercy Quasi Parish. Fr. Ryan administered the Sacrament to four members of our Parish on 20th July, 2002.


  27th March – 2nd April : Bishop Fernando Arêas Rifan from Campos in Brazil visited Vancouver at the invitation of the traditional Catholic community. While in Vancouver he celebrated a Pontifical High Mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral the first since the early 60s. He attended a formal dinner at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Hall and was in attendance at our Sunday Mass celebrated at Our Lady of Fatima. On Monday he conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation.

11th – 12th October: FIUV XVI Statutory General Assembly

16th November: VTMS XIV Annual General Meeting


25th January: Divine Mercy Parish starts a second Sunday Mass in Aldergrove;

16th Feb.: Calgary contacts Una Voce Canada wishing to become an Una Voce Chapter.

History by Richard Parks

12th June: Fr. Erik Deprey FSSP (ordained in April) says his first Mass, with Fr. Charles Ryan FSSP (parish priest of the Divine Mercy quasi parish in Vancouver) as assistant, in Creston which is in the Kootenay Diocese in BC Canada. Most of the board of directors of Una Voce Canada drove to Creston and attended Fr. Deprey’s first Mass in Canada. Tridentine Mass Celebrated At Creston, B.C. Canada

25th Sept.: Michael Davies RIP

5th Nov.: Mrs. Moira Garneau RIP

21st Nov.: VTMS XV Annual General Meeting

27th Nov.: Most Reverend Adam Exner, OMI Archbishop Emeritus of Vancouver has agreed to ordain an F.S.S.P. seminarian, from our Divine Mercy Quasi Parish, in the Traditional Rite of Ordination. The Ordination will take place at the Holy Rosary Cathedral. This is a great and another historic first for British Columbia Canada and we wish to express our deep gratitude to our Archbishop who is certainly looking after his flock of Traditional Catholics.


29th April: We mourn the loss of the founding president of FIUV Dr. Eric de Saventhem

May-June: Issue of ‘The Traditional Mass Newsletter’ produced by Una Voce Canada (Vancouver Traditional Mass Society)

8th & 9th Oct.: Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce XVII General Assembly
13th Nov.: VTMS XVI AGM, Trip To Calgary – Gaudete Sunday


January – February: Issue of ‘The Traditional Mass Newsletter’ produced by Una Voce Canada (Vancouver Traditional Mass Society)

March – April: Issue of ‘The Traditional Mass Newsletter’ produced by Una Voce Canada (Vancouver Traditional Mass Society)


25th Feb.: Vancouver Traditional Mass Society XVII AGM

May – Aug.: Issue of ‘The Traditional Mass Newsletter’ produced by Una Voce Canada (Vancouver Traditional Mass Society) motu proprio issued on 7/7/7

Sept. – Dec.: Issue of ‘The Traditional Mass Newsletter’ produced by Una Voce Canada (Vancouver Traditional Mass Society) motu proprio issued on 7/7/7

  • Fr. Kenneth Baker Summorum Pontificum And The Future Of The Liturgy
  • Dr. John Rao The Freed Mass, the Formless Society and the Second Front

26th Aug.: Divine Mercy Parish Picnic

10th – 11th Nov.: FIUV XVIII Statutory General Assembly – Rome


5th – 6th Nov.: FIUV’s XXth Statutory General Assembly