Solemn Vespers & Benediction Every Sunday at Sts Joachim & Ann, Aldergrove

Sts Joachim & Ann Parish in Aldergrove, BC under the pastoral care of the Rev. William Ashley, has recently restored the venerable tradition of celebrating Sunday Vespers according to the 1962 Roman Breviary. Vespers is sung at 4:00pm and is followed by Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Booklets with Latin and English are provided for the use of the faithful.

“It is greatly to be desired that they [the faithful] participate in reciting or chanting vespers sung in their own parish on feast days. We earnestly exhort you, Venerable Brethren, to see that this pious practice is kept up, and that wherever it has ceased you restore it if possible. This, without doubt, will produce salutary results when vespers are conducted in a worthy and fitting manner and with such helps as foster the piety of the faithful… All should come to our churches and there be taught the truth of the Catholic faith, sing the praises of God, be enriched with benediction of the blessed sacrament given by the priest and be strengthened with help from heaven against the adversities of this life. Let all try to learn those prayers which are recited at vespers and fill their souls with their meaning. When deeply penetrated by these prayers, they will experience what St. Augustine said about himself: “How much did I weep during hymns and verses, greatly moved at the sweet singing of thy Church. Their sound would penetrate my ears and their truth melt my heart, sentiments of piety would well up, tears would flow and that was good for me.” – Pius XII, Mediator Dei, 150

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