Fr. David Franco, FSSP

On Sunday, June 25, Holy Family Parish in Vancouver bade farewell to Fr. David Franco, FSSP, its parochial vicar for the past two years. Fr. Franco celebrated the High Mass for the Third Sunday after Pentecost, and it was a particularly poignant moment when he sang “Ite missa est” for the last time at Holy Family. The Mass was followed by a reception in the church hall. During a program emceed by Una Voce Canada board member Kenneth Lieblich, Father was presented with a spiritual bouquet from the altar servers’ Archconfraternity of St. Stephen and bested two of the archconfraternity’s members in a Star Wars trivia contest. Mr. Lieblich thanked Father on behalf of the parishioners, while pastor Fr. Daniel Geddes, FSSP, spoke of Fr. Franco’s contributions to the parish, including “many known only to God, such as the advice that he gave in the Sacrament of Confession.”

Fr. Franco begins his new assignment at the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter’s apostolate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Mater Dei FSSP Latin Mass Community) on July 1. We are grateful for his presence at Holy Family during the past two years, and will miss his sense of humour and his joyful communication of the truths of the Faith.

(Photos courtesy of Claire Phillips)

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Solemn High Mass at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Victoria, BC

(Excerpted with the kind permission of John Sonnen. The article and photos by Mr. Sonnen were originally posted at Orbis Catholicus Travel Blog.)

Soaring skyward with its bold array of colored brick, stone and slate, the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Victoria displays the confident spirituality that characterizes the best religious architecture in Canada.

The High Victorian Gothic style, an inspiration to generations of Canadians, was a fitting backdrop to sung Mass in the Classical rite on Saturday, June 24, a part of the Cathedral’s 125 year celebration and Canada’s 150 years.

Mass was sung by Fr. Pablo Santa Maria, Vice-Rector of the Cathedral of Vancouver. The excellent choir sang Palestrina’s other-worldly Missa Aeterna Christi Munera, sung by the CapriCCio Vocal Ensemble, directed by Mr. Michael Gormley.

For many of the participants of the packed church, it was their first experience of sung Mass in Latin. One young participant remarked: “This was my first time hearing Gregorian chant. I am an illiterate in the worship of the Church. The super-terrestrial, meditative and other-wordly aspects of the ceremony were a touch of heaven. Thank you to all!”

Another exclaimed: “What a great way to renew culture! A big defect in our age is a lack of reverence or even an experience of the sacred.”

Another visiting musician remarked: “The Roman Church possesses a mature Christian musical culture, the core of which is the Roman rite sung in the Latin language. The choir was terrific!”


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Sung Mass at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Victoria, BC

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Ordinations for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

At ten o’clock on Friday, May 26, 2017, seven men were ordained to the priesthood for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter by His Grace the Most Reverend Terrence Prendergast, SJ, Archbishop of Ottawa, Canada. The seven new priests are Fathers Adrian Debow, James M. Smith, Joseph Favole-Mihm, Caleb Kick, Jonathan Heinricy, Anthony Dorsa, and Matthew Vierno. Fr. Debow hails from Calgary, and, like Frs. Smith, Kick, and Heinricy, spent one of his summer apostolates at Holy Family Parish in Vancouver.

The ordinations took place at North American Martyrs Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, which was filled with family and friends. The conferring of Holy Orders, one of the seven sacraments of Holy Mother Church, and the Solemn Pontifical Mass were celebrated in the Traditional Latin rite as beautifully as they could possibly be through the hands of men guided by the Holy Ghost.

Archbishop Prendergast spoke eloquently of the responsibilities that these new priests would inherit through this sacrament. He encouraged them to place their lives into the hands of the Blessed Mother, and to reinforce their vocation through frequent prayer and visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Following the Mass, there was time to visit with the newly ordained priests in the gardens behind the church. A reception featuring meatless dishes and ample beer and wine was hosted by the priests and seminarians at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.

– Claire Phillips

Fr. Debow with Archbishop Prendergast

Fr. Debow giving first blessings

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First Mass of Rev. Adrian Debow, FSSP

Deacon Adrian Debow of Calgary will be ordained to the Sacred Priesthood for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Friday, May 26. He will celebrate his First Mass at Holy Family Parish in Vancouver at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, May 31, the feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Parishioners may remember Deacon Debow from the time he spent at Holy Family as part of his summer apostolate a few years ago.

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Sacred Triduum at Holy Family, Vancouver (April 13-15, 2017)

Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Procession to Altar of Repose. Left to right: Fr. Daniel Geddes, FSSP; Fr. David Franco, FSSP; Deacon Štěpán Šrubař, FSSP

Altar of Repose

Good Friday: Prostration of the clergy

Good Friday Prayers

“Ecce lignum crucis in quo salus mundi pependit” (Behold the wood of the cross on which hung the salvation of the world)

Veneration of the Cross by the clergy

Easter Vigil: Lighting of the Paschal candle


Blessing of the water

Procession to the baptismal font


(Photos courtesy of Claire Phillips)

Holy Family Parish, Vancouver, BC

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Palm Sunday at Holy Family, Vancouver

Blessing of Palms and Procession at Holy Family Parish, April 9, 2017

Blessing of Palms. Left to right: Deacon Štěpán Šrubař, FSSP; Fr. Daniel Geddes, FSSP; Fr. David Franco, FSSP; Max Fernandez

Procession: Fr. David Franco, FSSP

Procession: Deacon Štěpán Šrubař, FSSP; Fr. Daniel Geddes, FSSP; Gabriel Uy

(Photos courtesy of Claire Phillips)

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Sacred Triduum in Toronto

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Holy Week at Holy Family, Vancouver


  • Palm Sunday, April 9: 8 a.m., Low Mass; 10:30 a.m., High Mass
  • Maundy Thursday, April 13: 7:30 p.m., Mass of the Lord’s Supper followed by Adoration until midnight
  • Good Friday, April 14: 1 p.m., Stations of the Cross; 1:30 p.m., Mass of the Presanctified
  • Holy Saturday, April 15: 10 p.m., Easter Vigil


  • Monday, April 10, and Tuesday, April 11, from 6 to 7 p.m.
  • Good Friday, April 14, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
  • Holy Saturday, April 15, from 10 to 11 a.m.

There will be no confessions or Holy Hour on Wednesday evening, April 12.

There will be no confessions during the solemn liturgies on Palm Sunday, April 9; Maundy Thursday, April 13; Good Friday, April 14; Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil), April 15; and Easter Sunday, April 16, as both priests will be at the altar.

For more information

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Help support Traditional seminarians

Una Voce Canada’s Seminarian Program currently provides financial assistance to five Canadian seminarians at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Nebraska, operated by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP).

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary

It costs money to form and train good priests. According to the seminary website:

“The actual cost [to form a seminarian] is about $22,000 per year. Most of this cost is paid through the generosity of our benefactors, who deserve our prayers every day … The charge for room, board, and tuition is $7,000 per seminarian, per year. This amount is substantially less than the actual cost of priestly formation, thanks to the generous support of Fraternity benefactors. Additional expenses may include books, medical and vehicle insurance, travel to/from home during breaks, etc. Candidates are expected to find benefactors (i.e., family, friends, Knights of Columbus, parish, etc.) to help pay for the various expenses associated with their priestly formation” [emphasis added].

This year, we have already donated $3,200 towards the support of our five seminarians. Each year, we provide approximately 17% of the amount that each seminarian is personally responsible for raising. This is the first of four fundraising campaigns that we will be undertaking in 2017.

Your donation to our Seminarian Program will help form future priests who will lead souls to heaven by bringing the beauty and spirituality of the Traditional Latin Mass to dioceses across North America.

Donate now

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